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Waste disposal and recycling for businesses

Businesses must find a waste service provider to collect their garbage, food scraps, and recycling.

Find a hauler

Tips on how to find a garbage, recycling, or food scraps hauler for your business.

Containers on City property

Apply to store a garbage, recycling, or food scraps container on City property.

Prevent food waste

Tips to prevent waste at your food-related business and donate food to organizations.

Recycle food scraps on-site

Learn how to recycle food scraps at your multi-unit residential building or business.

Hazardous materials

Learn about hazardous waste and waste that requires special handling.

Get rid of building materials

Find out what construction and demolition waste is accepted at the Vancouver Landfill.

Find a haulerCommercial waste containers on City propertyPrevent food wasteRecycle food scraps at your building or business on-siteWaste that needs special handlingConstruction and demolition waste