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Renewable City Strategy: our future to 2050

Our city has what it takes to successfully get 100% of our energy from renewable sources before 2050. 

  • We already have the lowest greenhouse gas emissions per person of any major North American city.
  • We are economically strong and diverse.
  • We are a city that innovates and already has abundant clean electricity.
Our goal: to get 100% of our energy from renewable sources before 2050

Overview video

Imagine a city that supports a thriving economy while improving affordability, and provides you the opportunity to be healthy and mobile.

Transportation video

Imagine a city with a renewably powered transportation system that supports a thriving economy and healthy mobility options.

Buildings video

Imagine a city where homes and offices are comfortable, cost less to heat and cool, and use only renewable sources of energy.

Strategy in-depth

Why a renewable city

Fossil fuels can no longer be relied upon in the future. Vancouver uses over 59.3 million gigajoules (GJ) of energy a year.

Our role

We will pursue renewable energy in all areas where we both have and don't have control, and accelerate change by being a leader.

Goals and targets

Our ambitious and achievable 35-year Renewable City Strategy targets buildings, transportation, and green economic opportunities.


Summary (2.63 MB)

A 14-page summary of our Renewable City Strategy and its targets and priorities.

Complete strategy (4.86 MB)

A 62-page document about our strategy to become a city powered entirely by renewable energy before 2050.

Policy details (4.04 MB)

A longer read about our renewable energy commitment and how to shift buildings and transportation to use only renewable energy.

Renewable City Action Plan (922.44 KB)

Learn more about the targets, principles, and specific actions we will take to improve energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy.

Economic modelling results (383.03 KB)

To better understand our energy needs, we worked with BC Hydro and Navius Research to estimate energy used for buildings and transportation.

Action plan summary

Renewable City Action Plan summary (1.23 MB)

Read the summary of how Vancouver is going to become a renewable city.

With FortisBC, we are committed to work together to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Vancouver and the region.

Renewable City Action Plan summaryEconomic modelling resultsSigned memorandum of understandingRenewable City Action PlanWhy a renewable cityOur roleGoals and targets100% renewable energy talks