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People boarding a B line bus at Broadway and Cambie

Streets and transportation

We work together with TransLink and Metro Vancouver municipalities to build and maintain an integrated transportation system that moves people and goods through our city and region.

We are responsible for building and maintaining our roads, sidewalks and public spaces, managing how city streets are used, and creating land use and urban design policies.

Transportation 2040: improving our economy, environment, and communities

The Transportation 2040 Plan supports an inclusive, healthy, prosperous, and liveable future for Vancouver. The plan will guide transportation decisions for how people and goods will move in and around Vancouver over the next 30 years. It is our roadmap for a future where walking, cycling, and transit are attractive options for getting around.

View the Transportation 2040 Plan


How to pay for parking, parking ticket payment options, parking rules, plus where to park on the street and in your neighbourhood.

Driving and traffic

We maintain safe streets and encourage sustainable driving through programs, traffic management, tools, and incentives.


Get cycling information: routes, maps, safety tips, bike parking, related business licences, and current projects.


Walking is the easiest way to get fresh air, stay fit, and explore Vancouver, rated one of the most walkable cities in the world.

Buses, ferries, trains, and planes

When you need to "go the distance", find pedestrian and bike-friendly alternatives to driving. Ride the bus, train, plane, or ferry.


Find information about the City's boating facilities, docks, marinas, plus the Police Marine Unit, the Coast Guard, and more.

Streets and sidewalks

Find out more about how City of Vancouver streets are used for entertainment, retail use, and building green communities.

Transportation 2040 Plan

Our Transportation 2040 Plan provides a vision for how people and goods will move in and around Vancouver for the next 30 years.

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