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2017 Budget and five-year financial plan

2017 Budget
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2017 Budget highlights
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Our 2017 Budget outlines how tax dollars and funding will be invested to help provide the services that you value, such as the operations and maintenance of streets, parks, community centres, libraries, and police and fire services. Property taxes help fund a large part of the budget. 

Our investments are aligned with the priorities of our community and City Council, with the goal of delivering a high level of services as efficiently as possible.

2017 Budget highlights

The 2017 Budget consists of :

  • Operating expenditures of $1.322 billion
  • Capital expenditures of $485.5 million

View a detailed breakdown of the 2017 Budget for capital expenditures and service metrics (Appendix A, B, C and D)  (875 KB).

Council priorities

Council has five priorities. Find out how our 2017 Budget and Five-Year Financial Plan will help us deliver what you need.

Key investments

See how we are realigning existing resources and spending levels to valued services and priorities for the 2017 Budget.

Five-year financial plan

The budget report includes a five-year financial plan that provides longer term projections and insight on potential pressures and risks.

How we fund the budget

Learn how we fund the annual capital and operating budgets, including where your tax dollars go, and what you get in return.

How we build the budget

Find out the steps we follow to ensure we develop a budget that reflects what the City, Council, and community value.

Understanding the budget

Our annual budget is made up of the operating, capital, and consolidated budgets. Learn what is different between the types of budgets.

Council prioritiesKey investmentsFive-year financial plan How we fund the budgetHow we build the budgetUnderstanding the budget