Making a nomination for the Awards of Excellence

  •  Nomination opens
    October 16, 2017
  •  Nomination deadline
    December 1, 5:00pm
  •  Committee reviews nominations
    Week of December 4
  •  City Council selects winners
    December 12 and 13
  •  Winners honoured at awards ceremony
    February 8, 2018

Award categories

In each category, we'll evaluate nominated adults separately from children and youth.

Accessible City

Do you know a youth, individual or organization who has championed a program, project, or initiative that has improved access and inclusiveness for persons with disabilities?

The Accessible City Award recognizes those who have demonstrated leadership in making life better for people with disabilities.

Those nominated work passionately to remove barriers and create opportunities for those with disabilities.

This may include championing a project that provides physical access to buildings, transportation infrastructure, public spaces, or parks. Or it may include a program or initiative that connects persons with disabilities with services or important information, removes barriers, or fosters an inclusive culture across Vancouver.

Civic Volunteer

Our city is built by those who give their time and expertise selflessly and expect nothing in return.

The Civic Volunteer Award recognizes organizations, individuals, and youth who have gone above and beyond in a volunteer capacity to make our community a better place to live, work, and play.

Nominees must volunteer on a Vancouver City Council-approved board, agency or committee, or with an organization that receives funding from the City of Vancouver.

Diversity and Inclusion

Vancouver is one of North America’s leading beacons of multiculturalism and our unique mix of cultures makes it a destination for many.

The Diversity and Inclusion Award celebrates the important leadership of those among us who foster inclusion, build bridges across identities, and advocate for communities free of racism and discrimination. 

The Diversity and Inclusion Award celebrates outstanding leadership to foster inclusion across diverse communities.

We are looking for organizations, individuals, and youth who demonstrate exemplary action, leadership, and service to communities with diverse experiences and identities including ethnicity, age, ancestry, sexual orientation, religion, gender identity, and economic status.

Consideration of this award will also be given to those who work to promote inclusion and accessibility for immigrants and refugees including contributions to the Vancouver Immigration Partnership External website initiative.

Healthy City for All

We all want our city to be a place that is thriving, healthy, and liveable for everyone, regardless of socio-economic status.

The Healthy City for All Award recognizes those who demonstrate leadership in helping to create a thriving, healthy city for all citizens, as outlined by the 13 goals in the Healthy City Strategy.

For this year, preference will be given to organizations, individuals, and youth whose submissions directly connect and contribute to the City of Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy, with a priority for projects, programs or initiatives connected to the following key areas:

  • Goal #4 - Healthy Human Services (such as destigmatization, harm reduction, peer-support related to Opioid Crisis)
  • Goal #5 - Making Ends Meet and Working Well (such as community economic development, social enterprise, job creation for youth or other groups with barriers to employment)
  • Goal #7 - Cultivating Connections (such as helping Vancouverites connect with each other and reduce social isolation)

Greenest City Leadership

The Greenest City Leadership Award recognizes those who work to enhance environmental stewardship to advance Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Plan goals.

Whether they help keep our air clean, protect our climate, support local food, or enhance our natural spaces, these award recipients are environmental leaders.

This award is directed at organizations, individuals, and youth whose ideas can be implemented in an ongoing, realistic, and scalable manner, and can be used as inspiration to others in the area.

Mayor’s Achievement Award

The Mayor’s Achievement Award recognizes those who have created a legacy and reputation for making life better for a broad segment of our population.

Selected each year by Mayor Gregor Robertson, the award will be given in three categories: organization, individual, and youth.

Successful recipients demonstrate a long-term commitment to civic engagement and volunteerism and their achievements have brought positive public recognition to the City.

Who you can nominate


You can nominate any person – including children and youth 21 years and younger – who lives, works, volunteers, or goes to school in Vancouver, including the University Endowment Lands.

In each category, we'll evaluate nominated adults separately from children and youth.


You can nominate any of these types of Vancouver-based organizations:

  • Non-profit
  • Groups or service clubs
  • Educational institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Government departments (federal and provincial) 
  • Unions
  • Professional and trade associations
  • Media organizations
  • Public or private corporations

Who's not eligible?

City of Vancouver employees, departments, and elected officials

Can you nominate yourself?

No, unless you're nominating your own organization.

Prepare and make your nomination

Gather these items before you start:

  1. Information about your nominee
    • Name and email
    • Organization name (if you're nominating an organization)
  2. Reasons why you're nominating them for an award in the category you choose
    • Why do they deserve the award?
    • What impact have they had on our city?
  3. Letter of reference to support your nomination
    • Written by someone else who knows your nominee's accomplishments
    • Includes the letter writer's contact information
    • Word or PDF format
  4. Information about you
    • Name and email
    • How you know your nominee

Nominate someone now

What happens next?

We contact your nominee

We'll use the email you provided for your nominee and ask them if they accept your nomination.

If they accept, we'll need them to complete your nomination by adding a biographical statement and optional photo (or a profile and optional logo if you nominated an organization).

We review the completed nominations

We evaluate nominations using our selection criteria and may move a nomination to a different category in special cases when appropriate.

Our nomination committee makes recommendations to City Council.

City Council approves the recommendations and we notify the winners.

Our selection criteria

  1. Scope: The range of activities and breadth of influence or inspiration of the achievement 
  2. Achievement: The significance of the achievement itself, with consideration given to creativity, innovation, and general significance of the activity for the individual or community
  3. Impact: The potential for fundamental and lasting positive change
  4. Method: The manner in which the activities were performed, for example, with creativity, innovation, inclusivity, consultation, and collaboration