Wood frame of a house being built

Build a new house or laneway house

Building a new house or laneway house requires a number of approvals and permits to ensure homes are built safe, healthy, and accessible for all in our city.

Laneway houses in the R1-1 zone

Try the new Project Requirements Exploration Tool where you can:  

  • Explore if a laneway house is allowed on your property
  • Find out what permits are needed to build it
  • Apply for your development/building permit
  • Provide the required documents – specific to your property's attributes – to avoid delays when we intake your application

Explore and apply to build a laneway house

Steps to build a new house or laneway house

Steps to amend (revise or change) an issued building permit

After you get your water and sewer connection permit

If you already have your permit and want to know when you'll get your connections, use our questionnaire to find out what happens next.

Permit processing times for November 2023

Elapsed time measures from the date that an application generates a permit number to when the permit is issued. Timelines are influenced by the volume of instream applications to be processed, completeness of the application, site/project specific requirements, customer response times, and more.

Type of permit
Number of issued permits
Median elapsed time
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Source: Open Data Portal

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre

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The Development and Building Centre is open for in-person scheduled appointments or payments. 

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Heat pump rebate and energy efficient enquiries

We do not administer heat pump rebate applications.

Contact a Clean BC Better Homes Energy Coach through their online form or by phone 1-844-881-9790.

Find out more about heat pumps

Permits, inspections, and forms

Apply for and manage permit

Review regulations and apply for the required permits for your construction or renovation project.


Book or cancel an electrical, plumbing, building, fire sprinkler, gas, or sidewalk inspection for your construction or renovation project.

Forms, checklists, and bulletins

View and download the building or development permit application forms and submission requirements.