Person drinking water from water fountain

Becoming a water wise city

In Vancouver we are surrounded by natural waterways and often experience mild, wet winters. It is easy to forget that treated drinking water is a precious resource that can become limited during dry, hot summers.

By using our water wisely we not only gain environmental benefits, we see savings as tax payers and at home: 

  • We reduce the cost of treating and disposing of waste water — sewer treatment is half the cost of water 
  • Our infrastructure, such as pipes and treatment plants, will last longer 
  • We save money on our energy bills at home and work by heating less water 

Learn about our goal to have the best drinking water in the world

Waterwise challenge

Try this fun #waterwise game to learn about conserving water at home.

Our drinking water comes from three reservoirs: Capilano, Seymour, and Coquitlam.

Water restrictions

Avoid getting a ticket by knowing when you can water your lawn or garden, and by preventing water wastage.

What you can do

It's important to be water wise every day to protect our water. Find out how you can reduce your water use and protect our waterways.

What we are doing

We are taking action to ensure our daily practices are always getting more water wise. Learn about how we are protecting city water.