Policy enquiry process

Policy enquiry process discontinued

On May 30, 2023, City Council made a decision to discontinue the policy enquiry process. We will no longer receive applications through this process.

The policy enquiry process provided information to applicants on development proposals that did not comply with by-laws and policy related to rezoning.

This process allowed us to explore compelling development proposals that may have offered opportunities and benefits warranting further consideration by Council. Proposals were assessed against established criteria, leading to a recommendation of a pathway for next steps.

The policy enquiry process took place before submission of a formal rezoning enquiry or rezoning application.


Council voted to discontinue the policy enquiry process on May 30, 2023. Information about this decision is captured in the meeting minutes and these additional documents:

Council endorsed the policy enquiry process on July 8, 2021. Information about the guiding principles and criteria of this process are in the:

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