A pedestrian bridge crossing over Still Creek

Still Creek Enhancement

What you need to know

Still Creek is one of the few remaining visible streams in Vancouver. It provides habitat and drainage by collecting and funnelling rainwater.

Renfrew and Rupert Station Area Plan

We're working on a new area plan around the Rupert and Renfrew SkyTrain stations, which falls within the Still Creek watershed.

Learn more and get involved

We have been working with local partners and neighbouring municipalities to rehabilitate and enhance Still Creek, with the goal of creating a more naturalized creek corridor. 

Key goals

  • Daylighting buried portions of the creek, where possible
  • Making room for water
  • Restoring creekside habitat to include native plants while removing invasive species
  • Increasing canopy cover and vegetation for urban wildlife
  • Removing old concrete features and naturalizing the creek banks
  • Adding interpretive signage and features for educational and recreational opportunities

Rainwater integration in the Still Creek watershed

Explore the several projects that are being advanced to better manage rainwater in the Still Creek watershed.

Chum salmon return to spawn in Still Creek

Following rewilding and conservation efforts, chum salmon returned to Still Creek in 2012 for the first time in nearly 80 years.

Watch a short clip on the restoration of Still Creek and the return of salmon, produced by the Rivers Institute at BCIT.

Help our waterways

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Pesticides can only be used in gardens to control infestations and destroy health hazards, not to beautify. Choose the right products and get tips.

Blue green systems

Blue green systems are networks of corridors that manage water, contribute to the urban forest, and enhance active transportation routes.