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Provincial Housing Needs Report

What you need to know

In 2019, the BC Provincial government introduced a new Housing Needs Report requirement for all BC municipalities. Every 5 years, municipal councils must receive a report including data and analysis of local demographic and economic trends, as well as current and anticipated housing needs. 

Vancouver City Council has also directed staff to review the 10-year housing targets set out in the 2017 Housing Vancouver Strategy.

What's happeningWe’ve prepared an assessment of housing needs

Our Housing Needs Report includes data and analysis on the housing situation of Vancouver residents, and an estimate of current housing needs and future housing demand in Vancouver, based on the latest available Census data.

This report was presented to Council on April 27, along with the 2021 Housing Vancouver Progress Report and initial concepts for updated 10-year housing targets.

Review the Council report (7.7 MB)

Review Vancouver's Housing Needs Report (3.5 MB)

Review Vancouver's Housing Needs Report - Executive summary (891 KB)

What's in a Housing Needs Report?

Housing Needs Reports provide key data and statistics on current population, households, economy, community, and housing, as well as projected demographic change over the next few years.

Core Housing Needs data, housing standards, and housing market indicators are used to consider the extent of housing need that is currently unmet.

Key areas of need are further identified, including:

  • Non-market rental and co-op housing
  • Rental housing
  • Family housing
  • Shelters
  • Housing for people in or at risk of homelessness
  • Needs among disproportionately impacted communities

Population and household projections serve as a basis to anticipate future housing need. Housing Needs Reports therefore provide important information on the state of local housing, and can help tailor public policies accordingly.

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