Youth Programming at 2009 Chinatown Festival

B-boy competition at Streetfest during the Chinatown Festival

Youth Programming - Streetfest 2009

The Great Beginnings Program supported Streetfest at the 2009 Chinatown Festival, which is a key part of youth programming at the annual Chinatown Festival. It was a youth-centric addition to the Chinatown Festival that created opportunities for community capacity-building, neighbourhood renewal and attracted visitors to historic Chinatown.

Fusing the old with the new – traditional Chinese culture, hip hop, and B-boys

Streetfest 2009 introduced young people to the Chinatown community by fusing traditional Chinatown with popular youth culture that may not normally be associated with the area. Streetfest 2009 was an evening event where a DJ performed through the evening and where space was made available for people to dance in. The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Courtyard acted as a venue for a ‘B-boy’ dance competition.

TD Vancouver Chinatown Festival

TD Vancouver Chinatown FestivalTD Vancouver Chinatown Festival

Come on down to Columbia and Keefer in historic Chinatown to experience the biggest multicultural summer celebration in the area.